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  • RX19E & RX17 are an institutional strength odor counteractant in pure 100% undiluted form.
  • It is super strength for immediate action and for long lasting effectiveness against the most vile of odor.
  • Impregnated polymer microcell release Airicide® at a controlled rate. RX19E & RX17 microcells are the nearest thing to a liquid in solid form.
  • They hold practically 100% of their calculable volume of AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant, yet they won’t spill or drip like liquids. Nor will they skin or crust over as do gels.
  • The space age microcells hold the AIRICIDE® till exposed to the air, then gradually, but steadily, release it by capillary action to change the size and shape of odorous molecules so it is recognized as something different and more pleasant that it would have been.