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  • From the company that brought you the Mopster™, Supply Source brings you the Mopster 2.0. This new and improved product family is reimagined with usability and ergonomics front and center. And when it comes to accessories, we are your one-stop shop for interchangeable connections and effective microfiber options.
  • Activation Button –
    • Changed to pressure on/off versus locking on/off for more control in dispensing
    • Now located in the grip area versus the top of the handle for improved comfort and ease of use
  • Bottle –
    • New ribbed over-cap allows easier grip for bottle extraction and insertion
    • Indirect vent added to eliminate accidental leaks and spills
    • Cap and tube shroud on sprayer protects unit and directs applicator tube more efficiently
    • New low-level indicator window on bottle